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 Josh's administrator application.

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PostSubject: Josh's administrator application.   Sat Jul 25, 2009 12:14 pm

In Game Name : Josh
Real Name : Joshua Scott Pike
Your Email Adress :
Age : 15
Country : England, United Kingdom.
Gender : Male
Location : EastMidlands, England, UnitedKingdom.
GMT : [GMT:00:00 London, Lisbon, EastMidlands]
Administrator - First Part.
Do You Know What Administrator Do : Yes, They can go in Hide mode to look for swappers and hackers, they host events weather its daily or weekley, Administrators are their to help and watch other players.
Do You Know How To Host Events : Yes, I know how to host the following: LMS ( LastManStanding ) H&S ( Hide&Seek ) RR ( RocketRun ) PM ( PlayMobile )
Why Do You Want To Be Admin : To help other users and to keep everybody entertained.
Any Skills You Know : I know all of the commands, good at seeking in events, I know k-style, I know D-Style, I know J-Style.
Did You Ever Do Any Dev Stuff : Yes, Im working on my Blending projects at the moment.
Why Should We Choose You : Because I think that im Unique, xD I can also have a laugh Smile
Do You Know It's Hard To Be An Admin And You Need To Work Hard : Yes, I am also willing to spend about 9 hours + a day on this GunZ.
Administrator - Second Part.
True Or False.
An Administrator Hosts 4 Events A Day Or He Will Be Banned : False. If an administrator is not done what he is told then he probabyley would get deranked.
An Administrator Does Not Have The Permission To Help People : False, An administrator is aloud to help people when they want because its one of the main things about their Job.
An Administrator Should Ban People For Hacking Without Any Warning : False, They should tell them that they have a warning and if they dont stop hacking they will get a ban from the server.
An Administrator Can Do What He Wants : False, An administrator cant do what he pleases because its against the rules of his Job.
An Administrator Should Spam Commands In Game : False, An administrator is not aloud to spam the commands because it is part of the rules but is still aloud to use some of them.
An Administrator Should Disconnect A Player If He Spams : True, they should get dissconnected but not banned, the disconnection is a warning. usually its 3 strikes and a ban.
A Lead Administrator Can Accept Admin Applications : On some forums and servers a LEAD Administrator can accept GameMasters And Developers but it has to be told to the owner of the server as soon as he gets on or straight away if he is online. ( Developers have to show some work )
Administrator - Third Part.
Can You Tell Me Admin Commands.
1. /Hide
2. /Admin_Wall
3. /Admin_Ban
4. /Ban
5. /Kick ( Yes it is a normal command but when an administrator does it then its a straight kick with no vote )
6. /jjang
7. /Admin_Hide
At Least Six Commands.
Administrator - Last Part
What Administrator Should Do Name Me 5 Points.
1. Help other users.
2. Watch out for hackers.
3. Watch out for swappers.
4. Host events.
5. Be active.

Rules Of Administrator Name Me 5 Points.
1. Dont ban anybody for no reason.
2. Always help others if their in need of help.
3. Be active.
4. Watch out for hackers
5. Watch out for swappers.

Any Other Information: I have 3 brothers and 1 sister, they dont play gunz and I have a laptop of my own.
Most of my time is spent on my laptop and xbox 360, Im not a fat bloke who sits their all day because I do sports also,
Tennis, Cricket, Football and Badminton. I have been permenently excluded from school for something I didnt do...
But ive gone back to main stream school ( Freezeland sports school ).
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Josh's administrator application.
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