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 Logitech's Application - Ingame

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PostSubject: Logitech's Application - Ingame   Mon Jun 22, 2009 1:41 pm

Because my other was rejected becuase i cant C++, i can it!!! i coded a titanms (mapelstory) private server in C++, so don't tell me i can't!
And alot more :

HTML/PHP [learning]
Editing Items
System Edits
PhotoShop / GFX
Sony Vegas Pro 9.0
And more but idk the names Razz

In Game Name : Logitech
Real Name : Rick
Your Email Adress :
Age : 13
Country : The Netherlands
Gender : Male
Location : Leeuwarden
GMT : +1
Moderator - First Part.
Do You Know What Administrator Do : Helping People...
Do You Know How To Host Events : Ofcourse
Why Do You Want To Be Admin : Becuase i have experience
Any Skills You Know : If been 5x Administrator ingame and 1x own server --- [not Work skills like what you can do]
Did You Ever Do Any Dev Stuff : I did it but i can help whit something but not at all.
Why Should We Choose You : If been Admin ingame in LegendaryGunZ {100+ ppl online}
Do You Know It's Hard To Be An Admin And You Need To Work Hard : Noo, if u good its kinda easy to be an admin
Moderator - Second Part.
True Or False.
An Moderator Hosts 4 Events A Day Or He Will Be Banned : False
An Moderator Does Not Have The Permission To Help People : False
An Moderator Should Ban People For Hacking Without Any Warning : True--- False always give warning.
An Moderator Can Do What He Wants : False
An Moderator Should Spam Commands In Game : False
An Moderator Sould Disconnect A Player If He Spams : True
A Lead Moderator Can Accept Admin Applications : True
Moderator - Third Part.
Can You Tell Me Admin Commands.
1. /admin_ban {charname} or /ban {charname}
2. /jjang {charname}
3. /remove_jjang {charname} or /removejjang {charname}
4. /dc {charname}
5. /admin_wall {text/message}
6. /changemaster {makes u master of room}
At Least Six Commands.
Moderator - Last Part
What Moderator Should Do Name Me 5 Points.
1. Helping People In-Game
2. Become ''AgilityGamerZ'' Big..
3. Getting More People.
4. Helping staff
5. Making sites/video's/others

Rules Of Moderator Name Me 5 Points.
1. No Hacking
2. No Insult
3. No Banning for Fun - (only whit a good reason) -
4. Never give free EVENT items...
5. Disconnect People, for fun
6. Respect staff & other people

Logitech's Application...

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PostSubject: Re: Logitech's Application - Ingame   Thu Jun 25, 2009 5:06 am

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Logitech's Application - Ingame
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