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 Eliteraven's Admin Application

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PostSubject: Eliteraven's Admin Application   Sun May 02, 2010 5:36 pm

In Game Name : When i can register and get in game it will be Eliteraven (same as username)
Real Name :kenny ellis
Your Email Adress
Age :13
Country :United states
Gender :male
Location :georgia
GMT : (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Administrator - First Part.
Do You Know What Administrator Do : Uhmm they watch over gamemasters and help with server
Do You Know How To Host Events :yes
Why Do You Want To Be Admin :well i enjoy helping others and love to think of the look on someones face when ive helped them
Any Skills You Know : Just recoloring
Did You Ever Do Any Dev Stuff :ive done wep recoloring and armor
Why Should We Choose You :I will be a dedicated staff member/player and help recruit others
Do You Know It's Hard To Be An Admin And You Need To Work Hard : Yes everyone thinks it easy and there like im mr big stuff i have powers but i dont think that i think that it is very complicated
Administrator - Second Part.
True Or False.
An Administrator Hosts 4 Events A Day Or He Will Be Banned :f
An Administrator Does Not Have The Permission To Help People :f
An Administrator Should Ban People For Hacking Without Any Warning :well id give them a warning and boot them but if they do it again ban and if again i contact a higher person and see about ip ban
An Administrator Can Do What He Wants :f
An Administrator Should Spam Commands In Game :f
An Administrator Should Disconnect A Player If He Spams : Depends on the severity of spam
A Lead Administrator Can Accept Admin Applications :if given permission yes
Administrator - Third Part.
Can You Tell Me Admin Commands.
1./admin_ban <charname>
2./admin_wall <text>
4./admin_switch_laddergame 1
I thought id throw in all of the basic commands i know Very Happy *Cough Cough this server rules* lol!
Administrator - Last Part
What Administrator Should Do Name Me 5 Points.
1. /admin_hide and patrol rooms for hackers there for people when nobody else is(help them) other GM's and report them if they do something they shouldnt events
5.keep the server spam free

Rules Of Administrator Name Me 5 Points.
1.Dont abuse power
2.Follow the rules
3.If the owner ask you for help you help him then or when you can
4.Dont Lie or Cheat
5.Do not disrespect staff members
6.Do not use uber items in quest just because ur friend asks u to__________________________________________________________________________
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Eliteraven's Admin Application
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